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2019 June 27 0

The Cynefin Framework: another way to deal with things, problem, situations, and crisis. Cynefin框架:領導者的決策

By Tomas 黃炎

  Cynefin Framework is very intelligent methodology to handle things, problems, situations, and crisis. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using this for thousands of years, but SNOWDEN has it all...


Acupuncture and Moxibustion 針灸 (11) Ancient Balance Medicine Association Library Collection 古中醫學會圖書館藏書 (18) Buddha middle path (middle way) 佛法中觀 (5) Buddhism 佛家思想 釋家 (5) Chinese wisdom 中華智慧 (4) Cold-Hot spectrum 寒熱譜 (5) Confucianism (4) Confucianism 儒家思想 (11) Confucius Golden Mean 儒家中庸之道 (5) Deficient-Excess spectrum 虛實譜 (5) Economic systems 經濟系統 (4) Environment 環境 (4) Five aggregates systems of human mind 五蘊系統 (9) General Systems Theory GST 廣義系統論 (38) Happiness 快樂 (5) Health and systems thinking Special Integration Groups SIG 健康與系統思維特別整合分組 (6) Homeopathy 同類療法 另類療法 (5) I Ching / Yi Jin / Zhou Yi 易經 周易 (6) Innovation 創新 (5) Integral East-West Systems Thinking 融合東西方系統思維 (5) Management Systems 管理系統 (4) Mathematics 數學 道象理數 算術 (51) Mentor-Successor Education System 師徒教育系統 (4) Natural Science 自然科學 (4) Organizational force 組織力 (4) Oriental Systems Thinking 東方系統思維 (4) Real Happiness 真正開心快樂 (5) Schemas Theory 模式論 (29) Science and Civilization in China 中國科學技術史 (27) Second law of thermodynamics 熱力學第二定律 (4) Set theory 集理論 集合理論 (6) Systems Engineering 系統工程學 (27) Systems Thinking ST 整體觀,系統論 (10) Taichi Yin-Yang Five Elements Trinity i±1 System 陰陽五行天地人系統 (7) Taichi Yin-Yang System Theory 太極陰陽系統論 (15) Taoism/Daoism 道家思想 (8) Teaching of Buddha 佛陀的教導 (9) Traditional Chinese culture 中華文化 (9) Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM differential diagnosis-cure process 中醫辨證論治系統 (17) Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM Engineering 中醫藥工程學 (28) Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM 中醫學 (22) Unification of nature and man 天人合一 (5) Vipassana 內觀靜坐 (5) Yin-Yang Five Elements i ± 1 System 陰陽五行天地人系統 (6) Yin-Yang Five Elements System 陰陽五行系統 (8)

Chinese Systems Thinking 陰陽五行系統思維

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2020 December 04 0

You have to be good to be lucky 機會是留給有準備的人 Chance favors only the prepared mind

By Tomas 黃炎

自古有”懷才不遇“之”人生不如意事十常八九“,以陰為才幹,陽為機遇,通過”陽陰陽系統思維“給現代人的啓示。 Yin-Yang Systems Thinking Yang 陽:Chance 遇、機會、運 陰陽系統思維 Yin-Yang Systems Thinking 無 None 有 Acquired Yin 陰:才、 有 Acquired 懷才不遇...

2020 November 05 0

Protected: Python – AI 人工智能 programming language Introduction – Yin-Yang Five Elements System 陰陽五行

By Tomas 黃炎 Iteration vs Recursions functional languages, Mathematical  -> Recursions tail call optimization, ERLANG  Sequential Programming vs Concurrent Programming tail recursive programs...

2020 August 16 0

Protected: 氣有餘便是火 – 朱丹溪《格致餘論》- 陽=氣+火 – 位能,動能,功,熱能,力(寫作中Editing)

By Tomas 黃炎

氣有餘便是火 - 朱丹溪《格致餘論》 Work and Energy 陽:補陽應該分開補氣(人參)與補火(薑茶)。可以用現代科學的物理學來理解嗎? 氣 - 位能,動能 Energy:Potential + Kinetic 火 - 熱能 Heat 功 - Work 力...

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